Exercise & Recreation
Exercise and recreation are two of the most important factors to staying healthy and happy, not just for adult children with disabilities, but for the entire family. We participate in a mix of individual and group activities both individually and as a family. This allows us to reap all the physical, mental, and social benefits exercise has to offer.

One of the main challenges we have faced has been locating facilities where Dougie feels welcome and comfortable. Our local YMCA has been an indispensable resource for us in our journey. In addition to an accessible fitness center and aquatic complex, our local center offers team sports and group activities for all ages and ability levels.

When possible, we also participate in activities specifically designed for people with disabilities. This allows Dougie to interact with other people with disabilities and us to connect with other parents of adult children with special needs. Programs and organizations dedicated to inclusive health and wellness exist all over the United States.

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